Here’s another of my easy-peasy Instant Pot recipes that cooks right in the instant pot!  It uses fresh ingredients that are easy to keep on hand an allows you to choose quality ingredients vs. a packet of orange powder.  The cream cheese takes the place of white sauce, so you don’t need milk, butter, or flour! 

I used macaroni shells because they soak up the sauce beautifully, but you can use any pasta you like.  The secret to successful IP pasta is to cover the noodles with about 1/2-inch of water, cook for 6 minutes, and then quick release.  If your pasta is thicker or thinner, you may need to adjust the time a bit. 

Leave the remaining water in after the release, as it will mix with the cream cheese to form a smooth white sauce… then the cheddar will melt beautifully without clumping.  

If you leave the pot on “keep warm” after mixing, be sure to give it a stir every now and then so it doesn’t burn on the bottom!

This makes the perfect side to go with IP ribs, pulled pork, or beef brisket!  Enjoy! 

Click here for printable recipe card