With the addition of Baby Avis to the family, I knew I could not put off a vet visit any longer… but I dreaded the thought of trying to get (now 4) cats into carriers and the car… especially my skitterish Subaru who is scared of his shadow. South by South Mobile Vets to the rescue!!! This morning I cleaned the boys room and boxes, and waited to feed them until right before the doctor’s visit, so I could get them all into their room to wait for their turn. Subaru must have sensed impending doom, so he hid in his normal hidey hole in the guest room and didn’t even come out for lunch! I pulled him out of his hiding place, but when I tried to put him in his room with the others, he bolted, never to be seen again! I turned this house upside down looking for him, closing off rooms as I cleared them, to no avail. The doctors came, everyone (except Subi) got weighed, manicured, and vaccinated, and the baby squealed a blue streak during his blood draw… but everyone (except Subaru) checked out fine. He successfully outsmarted me and evaded examination! And just now, as I am typing this silly story, I hear a rustling behind my desk… and his newest secret hidey hole is no longer a secret! Jokes on him… they will be back in three weeks for the baby’s next round of shots, and he now has nowhere to hide!