Avis LOVES Rollin' Vets!

Avis LOVES Rollin’ Vets! 

One of the first questions I’m often asked by people relocating to Houston is “can you recommend a good veterinarian for our fur babies?”  I’m always happy to recommend Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Vets, because I truly think they are the best way to manage my pets’ care in an easy, affordable manner!  Just like the name sounds, Rollin’ Vets rolls right up to your home in a state-of-the-art van, equipped with everything they need to manage your pet’s health. (There’s even a surgical van!). And they can take care  routine things like check-ups and vaccinations right in your home!  There are dozens of reasons why this works great for me, but here are my Top 5:


1. Less stress on my boys

For most cats and many dogs, the world is a big, scary place!  Weird sounds, funny smells, no place to potty, no access to food and water… and that’s just in the car!  The vet’s office has more sounds and noises, plus the smell of fear from other strange beasts!  Animals just don’t understand!   My boys can see their vet in the comfort of their own home, with the soothing smells and sounds that remind them that they are safe, loved, and protected. 

2. Less stress on me

Have you ever tried to get a cat into a carrier?  Not easy! Now, multiply that by four…  and make one of them an 18-pound part siamese with anxiety issues!  Because they don’t understand what’s happening, my normally loving boys can quickly turn into 80 flying razor blades!  With Rollin’ Vets, getting them ready for the doctor is as easy as feeding them!  The vet calls when they are on they way, and it’s suddenly breakfast time!  They all come running when they hear the can pop, and all I have to do is close the door to their room! 

3. Less stress on my schedule

I can book their visits online at my convenience, and work until the Dr. arrives.  The appointment  is quick and easy since there’s no shuffling into and out of carriers.  And there’s no drama among the boys from being separated, as they have stayed together the entire time!  And I can recommend them to friends and clients no matter what part of town they’re in, since the vets can go anywhere! 

4. Less stress on my budget

Because they prices for most services are listed right on their website, I know exactly what the charges will be before the Dr. arrives.  Since they don’t have the cost of maintaining expensive street-facing clinics and staff, they can provide mobile service at the same cost as walk-in.  And since I can schedule around my work schedule, there’s no cost from loss of productivity or wages.  

5. Less stress on my car

Okay, this one may be a stretch for a cat daddy- but think of my brother, who has a Rottweiler, a German Shepard, and setter!  Try getting all of that into your car, even if it is an SUV!  


So if you need veterinary care for your fur baby, my boys and I highly recommend Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Vets! 


Mazda loves the convenience of Rollin' Vets!

Mazda love the convenience of Rollin’ Vets!